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Test Flight

Photo Sep 23, 10 39 06 AMThanks to the wonderfully magical existence of the internet, my dear friend from Stacey’s Coffee introduced me to the world of third wave coffee.  I love coffee.  My existence is powered by coffee and tea.  But I will admit that it mostly subsists of mass marketed swill that is made palatable by the addition of a white chemical substance passed off as “creamer”

What is “Third Wave Coffee” you ask?  Well it would be incredibly high quality and often small batch roasted coffee that takes it to an artisanal level.   The way of picking and roasting coffee in turn the cup on its head and opening taste buds to incredibly complex flavors.

When asking the internet how to break into this new world while knowing absolutely nothing about where toPhoto Sep 21, 8 31 53 PM start, I was referred to Angel’s Cup.  This is a “single-origin coffee subscription” that allows you to blindly same amazingly high quality coffee from every corner of the globe.  The mailman brings you pouches of beans with a code number on them.  Paired with a beautifully designed app, the coffee tasting experience is free of preconceived notions about bean type, origin, and roast!  Even better than all of this, (like you need more examples of why this is awesome) is that you can then compare your notes on the tasting to those of the Roaster and others that are tasting the same sample!

Photo Sep 23, 7 14 49 AM

Test Flight: 0221

Photo Sep 23, 7 23 01 AMThis morning was my first go at this new world.  I loved the ritualistic feel of grinding the beans, heating the water, and the beautiful pour.  Using my V60 Drip Decanter I reveled in the process and the aroma.  the beans were so beautiful.  The color, the depth, the scent.  I was in heaven.  Thanks to the app, I knew what the roasters brewing preference was and from the guidance from Stacy, I went with a 15:1 ratio for the brew.  Watching the caramel colored bloom develop, I caught myself smiling as I knew what I was experiencing was a good cup of coffee.

Come to find out, I was having my first (and certainly not my last) cup of coffee from Roast House Coffee, a splendid small craft coffee company out of Seatte, Wa.  In my cup, a light roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, sweet and fruity. I, knowing nothing, was able to identify a note of nuttiness which the roaster’s notes in the app identified for me as almond.  Holding the coffee in my mouth, I could feel the flavors develop and as the coffee cooled, the almond mellowed, allowing for the fruits to become more vibrant.  This was such a wonderful departure from what I am used to, that I almost didn’t miss my typical chemical additive.  I hate to admit that for the second half of the cup that I did add some creamer, but I found that instead of covering the coffee, it served to enunciate the flavors.

I am really looking forward to what Test Flight: 0222 has to offer!

Photo Sep 23, 7 29 13 AM

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