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Don’t Judge

Macaroni & Cheese Dinner doesn’t always need to be for dinner! Sometimes it can be for breakfast.

Can you tell that I haven’t been to the grocery store for two weeks?!?

Photo Jul 24, 9 18 38 AM

Its Just a Phase

I have officially hit the gelato eating portion of the injury!  Did you know that Sea Salt Caramel is the most amazing thing EVER?!?  Maybe this will help me heal faster??

Photo Jul 21, 7 50 49 PM

Simple Math

Do you know what happens when you can only wear one shoe?  The other shoes get lonely!! Oh, and you get piles of just left side shoes around the house that are easy to trip on.

Photo Jul 20, 9 28 33 AM

The Results are In!

I got “the call”!  No ruptured tendons!  YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! But…….

Just about every tendon and ligament has a rip in it of some sort…  I done messed up good!  I will have to do the full three weeks in the boot and maybe longer.  Still no driving, no going into work.

I think that the couch is starting to have a permanent impression of my butt in it!  Grumble!

Photo Jul 18, 9 15 05 PM

They see me rollin’

The internet can be a wonderful place!  You never know what will happen when you put a request out there!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a wheelie scooter that I could lean on instead of trying to get around all the time on the crutches?

What?  You, perfect internet stranger are willing to loan me your wheelie knee scooter?!  That is really a thing?!  Nothing can stop me now!


Photo Jul 16, 6 16 28 PM

Ya Gotta Have Fun!

It is time to embrace the boot and have a little fun with it.  Will Boston Marathon colors make me heal faster?  Is it a sign that my coffee cup and my couch all match?  Could all of this be the stars aligning?  Maybe I will get the MRI results today!

Photo Jul 17, 9 48 26 AM

Loot and Sadness

The Mailman tried his best to make me feel better today, but it actually made me feel worse.  I got my package of SWAG from Another Mother Runner and the Find Your Strong Challenge.  UGH!  I am supposed to be training for Beat the Blerch.  I am supposed to be connecting with other Mother runners and learning to push through our obstacles and self doubt..

Instead, I am still here… on the couch! (But at least it is with comfy new Balega socks.)


Photo Jul 16, 4 51 23 PM

Momma’s Got a New Foot!

Hello Robo-Boot!  Lovely little trip to the Orthopedist this afternoon earned me freedom from the cast and a new set of x-rays!  He was able to confirm that I did not break any of the bones in my ankle or foot!  Yipee!!  But.. that now means Im off to get and MRI to see how much damage I did to the tendons and ligaments.  The good doctor is thinking that I may have ruptured a tendon or two..  BOO!

And now for three weeks in this wonderful boot!  I might actually learn how to follow doctor’s orders!

Photo Jul 14, 6 52 19 PM

Humpty Dumpty….

Had a great fall….01e1f3b5fed110e5e14da8218d7e7b42

I wish that I had a good story.  I wish that it was saving a kitten, or walking a little old lady across the street.


My training for the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon was going SO WELL!  I was rocking the Another Mother Runner Find Your Strong Challenge.  I had control over my schedule.  I was getting my runs in.  I was making better food choices and my confidence was actually for once in a long time growing..   It was a great Monday morning, the boys got off to school with no tantrums, I was wearing my favorite Dr. Who socks..  Time to face the day, down the stairs and SNAP!!!

By the time my butt touched the stairs and I pulled up my pant leg, there was already a tennis ball sized swollen deformity.  I am sure that you can imagine the string of expletives that came out of my mouth!  Being home alone and it being my right foot I was thankful for my phone being with reach and dialed up my friendly neighborhood 911 operator.

ambulance3There is an important lesson to be learned for the eternal multi-tasker… while you are on 911 on your cell phone, you are not able to do anything else on your phone.  No texting, no picture taking etc.!  UGH!

Off to the hospital I went with really nice Medics in the Ambulance.  They wouldn’t give me whiskey of a leather strap to bite on.  I was given an IV and some meds.  Was cleared for surgery and had X-rays.  The doctor was surprised when the joint was shattered!

I am now the proud new owner of a cast and shiny new crutches!!  Off to see the Orthopedist tomorrow!


My Biggest Mistake

At first glance you would say, “Why yes!  Your biggest mistake has clearly been your lack of writing on your blog!”

But I would beg to differ.  My absence from the web presence has been purely out of need for the simplification of life.  The soul crushing, self imposed pressure that I felt to produce writing added much welcomed to stress to an already full plate.  So I took a break.  Granted, that break lasted much longer than I had intended it to, but it was an incredibly gratifying experience.

My break gave me the opportunity to practice saying no.

  • No – I will not take time to write a blog post.
  • No – I will not be able to join the choir this Sunday.
  • No – We will not be attending (fill in the blank) event.

That freedom and strength to say so was liberating.4775707566_3e8aeae765_b

Before I began saying now, I was on the run ALL the time.  A meeting here, an appointment there, a commitment somewhere else.  Always feeling obliged to say yes and help out for fear that if people stopped asking me, I was stop existing.  My self worth was tied to the feeling of being needed.  I feared floating away from this terrestrial sphere if I didn’t have the weight of commitment to hold me down.

And do you know what happened?  Exactly what I feared.  No one needed me.  There were no inquiries from adoring fans about the lack of blog posts.  The choir continued to sing beautifully and glorify the Lord every Sunday.  And events and happenings continued to be held.  The world didn’t miss my presence.

However, something magical happened.  I had more time.  I had more energy.  My children flourished.  In the last year, both have had amazing growth in their language and social skills.  We go more places together.  And the BEST part… more tickling matches!  There is more time to just “be”.  To just exist and stop and smell the roses.  There is a peace to our household.  If something doesn’t get done today, its ok!  We have time tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong.  We do not live completely sanitized of schedule and structure.  I still cling like a life line to my calendar and check it feverishly every morning.  But now, the days are filled with trips the park, play dates, and new experiences.  The boys do the best when then have a predictable structure and routine to follow.  But knowing from day to day that there will be fun things to look forward to, has made them more able to “go with the flow” when Mommy has some crazy idea to try.

I miss the buzzing around.  The crazy hectic life.  I certainly miss that feeling of being needed and wanted by others.  I hunger for that validation I feel when only I can help.  But when I really step back and look at my life, I am not missing anything at all.  My biggest mistake was not learning to say “No” sooner.  The sound of laughter and love have been my biggest rewards.

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