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Every Day I’m Hustlin’


We have made it through the first 10 days of the year! How ya’ll feeling? It feels like it flew.. Next thing you know we will be rolling up our sleeves to dig into February. Heck, the stores already have the pink and white going for Valentine’s Day! My Christmas decorations just barely got to storage!

We are about 1/36th the way through the year. Now it doesn’t feel like so much! There is still a lot of year to be had!

January has brought a lot of new things to my calendar in the form of challenges. I am involved with 3 and I love that they are all tied together with a wonderful thread of continuity.

The first challenge is hosted by one of my favorite authors and social media gurus, Jon Acuff. I am participating in his 30 Days of Hustle project. Combine the power of social media, good will, and proper goal setting, and you get 30 days of amazing stories, new personal connections from around the world, and amazing goal completion. People’s goals are varied; some related to their avocations and some to their vocations, health, running, family togetherness. But the common core of all of them is improvement. It is an amazing community to check in with each day and got my spiritual tank topped off, while restoring my faith in the humanity that swells around us.

My goal for these 30 days is very simple: run 30 miles. Sounds simple enough! I am coming off of post race blues and some difficulty with my IT Band. I had not run since Thanksgiving Day when I ran my worst race ever. It was time to pick myself up, dust off the kicks, and get the rubber to the road. If I ran 3 times a week and averaged 2.27 miles per run, I would meet my goal……

Introducing Challenge #2: Another Mother Runner‘s Mother’s Day Challenge!  This challenge begins on Monday the 13th!  A group of really amazing women have all come together virtually to train for a 10k or a 1/2 Marathon.  I have chosen to tackle my 2nd Half Marathon.  I will be taking part in the Long Island Half Marathon on May 4, 2014.  The course for this race will be very similar to the course that I ran for my first Half Marathon.  I will be attempting to improve my time from the first race.  It is going to be a long, uphill battle to get back up to running that distance again and I will need to be working on improving the rest of me along the way and to help me meet that goal…..

Introducing Challenge #3: The Perfect Pair Kettlebell Challenge  Thanks to the evil genius at , I will be spending some major quality time with my 10lb.s kettlebell and my yoga mat.  With consecutive ladders or kettlebell swings and push ups, my arms and core will be getting the same torturous treatment that my leg are getting!


I have a feeling that my body, mind, and soul are going to get a major workout!!!


 It is rare that I venture into the city that never sleeps, the one in my backyard, a mere 50 minute train ride away. It is even rarer that I find myself embarking on a trip there alone.
Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE the city, but I love experiencing it with friends. It is a place that automatically makes you feel small and insignificant without heaping being alone on top of it.
But today, I stepped outside of my realm of comfort… I am at a book launch event for an author that I recently discovered., Jon Acuff. I am an avid listener of the Dave Ramsey show and was introduced to the book “Quitter”, a very honest conversation about finding and following your path to your dream job.
Jon’s new book “Start” promises to help you punch fear in the face and move into a life of awesome. Jon’s writing is very much a no holds barred discussion with an old friend. He is witty and current but has a way to hit you to the core with a sucker punch of reality. 
This launch event was an intimate gathering in an off Broadway theater.  Jon shared with us the main themes of this book in a way only he could. He touched on narwhals, and geriatric versions of Thelma and Louise, shared his path to awesome and the pain of cutting loose the negative forces in your life. We were challenged to take the power away from the voices inside of us, bring them into the light of day to see how small and untrue they are.  It was time to examine our life and move it from average to ordinary! 

All of these words hit me hard. Do I know what my dreams are?  Am I strong enough to fight the voices that are so powerful on the inside?  He told us about the site he started called No More Voices. I have spent some time on there and I think that it is an amazing place for anyone struggling with self doubt.

I don’t know what my future holds.  But what I do know is that my future self will be tickled to look back on this day as my START!

Sarah and Jon Acuff
Sarah and Dave Ramsey

Check out this video about the book “Start”

The Foods for Thought:
I had some time befor the event started and needed a snack. You gotta love food trucks so I took the opportunity for a yummy portobello empanada from Nuchas NYC.

  • Yummy crispy and pocket change prices!

Dinner was a great happenstance!  One of my very special “heart friends” was also in Times Square today and we were able to connect!  We went to one of her favorite places (and now mine too). Havana Central– just one block off of Times Square had the impact of instantly transporting us out of NYC. With beautiful decor and a lively band we shared an amazing seafood paella that left us both wanting a nap!

  •   Convenient and authentic for a special night.
Amazing Seafood Paella!
Julie LOVING her Paella!

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