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Small Victories

     Ben doesn’t love food.  He could go long stretches without eating.  He just doesn’t think about eating as an important part of life.  When he does eat, it is in very limited quantities and from a very small group of foods.  He was a sweet tooth and is a crab monster.  We have spent a lot of energy and therapy time working on requesting food, staying at the table, eating foods that he doesn’t love.  But still eating is a challenge.
     Ben as eats in cycles.  He will eat pudding every day for three weeks.  Then it becomes equivalent to liver and haggis.  Another food takes its place.  But Ben will never give us a clue what the next food of choice is!  Eating is just a frustrating topic in this household!  But maybe the path is changing…..

     This morning, while I was making my breakfast (a toasted peanut butter banana sandwich – ritual the morning of a long run), Ben was watching me intently…  “Can I have?”  I don’t think I registered what he was saying at first..  “Mommy, can I have?”  He was clearly pointing at the bread in my hand.  Ben wanted bread??  “NO! Sandwich!”  I can with almost 100% certainty credit this word and this desire to a game he plays on the iPad.  He has to feed the animal the foods that appear over their heads.  If you give them the wrong foods, they make silly faces and sounds.  He LOVES this game.  When he plays it, I get to hear my favorite belly laughs.
    Grabbing the jelly from the fridge, I have a shadow as I go to the counter..  Time to break out a kitchen gadget!  I have been waiting for the moment, when I get to make my little boy a sandwich.  (I know if seems silly, but when your child doesn’t eat like a typical child, these moments become huge in your mind.)  I grabbed my Pampered Chef Cut and Seal and got to the important task of fulfilling this request.  Trying not to get my hopes up that it wasn’t a fluke request, I of course put too much jelly in the center.
     Sandwich finished, on the plate it goes and I turn to see Ben still standing next to me with the biggest Cheshire Cat grin.  His little hand reaches up – presumably to take the plate to the table… and the sandwich is GONE!  Before I can blink, he is curled into the corner of the  couch nibbling away like a squirrel!  Normally he would be told to sit at his table, but I was too excited that he was actually eating what he asked for!  He was eating a sandwich, just like any other 3 year old boy on a Saturday morning.. sitting on the couch in his under-roos, watching cartoons… Life felt normal!

Jam Saddness

In July of 2012 I had a GREAT idea!!  I will make JAM!  I will make jam for our family for a year… I will make jam for Christmas gifts for our relatives and friends…  I will become a jam making goddess!!  Other jam makers will cower at the mention of my name.  I will be able to sell my jam and quit my day job!

I started the pre-requisite research and got the equipment that I didn’t have.  Went to the store and bought Ball Jars and lots of strawberries and blueberries and mangoes and raspberries and a giant watermelon!

My secret….  using the recipes in the “Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving“.  No one would ever know that these were not time honored recipes from a tattered and handwritten cookbook that was passed down through generations of ____________ (fill in the blank with one the of many family names here).  This would be how I would make my millions!!!

And…. jam was made.  It was made in great quantities.. There was strawberry, and blueberry lime.  There was mango raspberry and watermelon.  The process was simple.  But… it was JULY!  My kitchen is a postage stamp of real estate in an apartment that feels smaller everyday.  I have no exhaust fan over my stove. I had to do most of my cooking for the jam at night after the boys had been put to bed for fear of them testing out their super hero climbing skills and toppling the large vats of boiling sugary goodness!  All of these factors, in the dead of summer, made the jam factory of my kitchen a terrible place to work..  I found myself counting every finished jar twice hoping they would multiply and I would hit my production goals quickly!  When I found that I was finished… I had my own personal ticker tape parade in my head….

Fast forward to a burgeoning spring day in April… A trip to the pantry to get a fresh jar after finishing some blueberry lime jam earlier in the week.  I was shocked!!  The very last jar of jam was in my hand.  All of the fruits of my hard labor had reached their final jar opening.  I was surprised at the emotion that I felt, setting out the bread, the peanut butter, my opus.  Does this mean that I have lost my title as Jam Goddess?  Are my dreams of being a Jam-millionaire never to be realized?  Will the Ball jars rise again to be refilled??

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