Mommy in Pieces

Just a mom that wears a cape under her street clothes.

Humpty Dumpty….

Had a great fall….01e1f3b5fed110e5e14da8218d7e7b42

I wish that I had a good story.  I wish that it was saving a kitten, or walking a little old lady across the street.


My training for the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon was going SO WELL!  I was rocking the Another Mother Runner Find Your Strong Challenge.  I had control over my schedule.  I was getting my runs in.  I was making better food choices and my confidence was actually for once in a long time growing..   It was a great Monday morning, the boys got off to school with no tantrums, I was wearing my favorite Dr. Who socks..  Time to face the day, down the stairs and SNAP!!!

By the time my butt touched the stairs and I pulled up my pant leg, there was already a tennis ball sized swollen deformity.  I am sure that you can imagine the string of expletives that came out of my mouth!  Being home alone and it being my right foot I was thankful for my phone being with reach and dialed up my friendly neighborhood 911 operator.

ambulance3There is an important lesson to be learned for the eternal multi-tasker… while you are on 911 on your cell phone, you are not able to do anything else on your phone.  No texting, no picture taking etc.!  UGH!

Off to the hospital I went with really nice Medics in the Ambulance.  They wouldn’t give me whiskey of a leather strap to bite on.  I was given an IV and some meds.  Was cleared for surgery and had X-rays.  The doctor was surprised when the joint was shattered!

I am now the proud new owner of a cast and shiny new crutches!!  Off to see the Orthopedist tomorrow!


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