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Déjà Vu – A Diagnosis Once More

We have been here before. Just 16 months ago we got the confirmation. You never forget hearing those words for the first time. “Your son fits the diagnostic criteria for Autism.”  He is so different that his big brother, most people scoff at this diagnosis.  But there is a wise saying, “When you meet one child autism… you have met one child with autism”

The difference this time… I know more.  I am less scared.  Alex is now enrolled in the most amazing, intensive ABA program.  He is in the same classroom, with the same staff, that Ben had last year.  He is making great strides, he is talking and interacting.

The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a death sentence.  For this family and many others, the diagnosis is freeing, it gives answers, it opens doors.  The diagnosis has helped us to find our little lost boy…

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